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summer is my favourite season. i hate the cold. i do not think there's anything better than the simplest of foods: oatmeal and berries, blueberry crumble with oats, bread, french butter, good wine and cheese.

i write to understand - both the world and myself. i always thought i'd write for a living, and i do. but not in the way i used to think i would. i thought i'd write books. profiles for magazines. and then i thought i'd be a journalist before i learnt the truth: the written word is sacred to me. the right combination of words can change everything, move me to tears, keep me absorbed for days. so i keep an ocean between the words i write for money and my heart. i write - really write - when it matters. and only when.

i have struggled. with depression. with an eating disorder. with a broken heart and loneliness and all the trappings of life. i have learned that life takes effort and more than a little bit of self love. i want to celebrate the day to day, every day.

as i have the memory of a goldfish, this blog is an attempted documentation of my life. so i remember.