it was the first australian city i fell in love with, and the city that made me think i should work on getting that blue passport. it surprises me that in a lot of ways i now prefer my own home city of perth. i used to ache for the wine bars, the cafes, the barre and yoga studios, and the bustling city life, and now i realise that perhaps i cannot live in a city that charges upwards of $4 per tram or train ride. 

despite the hefty prices of transport and the rising costs of coffee, melbourne is still beautiful. it is home to some of my favourites, but most of all melbourne is the home of long walks, early mornings and is perfect for a solo traveller like i was. i love how the city caters itself to solo diners, and my favourite thing to do is to sit at a bar with a book, a glass of wine and some bread and butter. sometimes, the simple things are just better. 

humming puppy // a humming yoga studio that is also stylishly black, sporting one of the prettiest lounge areas i've ever seen in any yoga studio (with complimentary coconut water and tea to boot). i always pick a yoga studio to purchase an introductory pass in every city i visit, which promises cheaper yoga classes for every day i'm travelling. 

etta // it's a tram ride away from the cbd, but has some of the best housemade burnt butter, reminiscent of nsw's fleet restaurant. 

embla // admittedly i've had curt and/or shoddy service the past couple of times i've been there, but the wine list is constantly weather-appropriate. 

langham melbourne // my favourite hotel. stop for a wine, or splurge on the buffet and promise me you'll get the chocolate naan bread. it's my favourite spot for a 10pm tea and a sugar cookie. 

cibi // new find! i love the japanese-inspired cuisine, and how it's tucked away down an unassuming street. 

lindt // still one of my favourite hot chocolate spots. always get your hot chocolate to go - it's always, always better. 

gelato messina // best gelato in melbourne. 

rosetta // rosetta, and any of neil perry's restaurants really, always make a good night. they almost always can squeeze in a solo diner at the bar, have excellent focaccia and can do half serves if you're on your own. 

the abnormal beauty company // the first physical deciem store i've seen, and a great place to stock up on affordable, active skincare. 

a little company // my go-to melbourne facial spot, although i really wanted to try made by self (which was fully booked).