twenty seventeen/eighteen

"i think being in touch with mortality is important. and it makes you realise that we have in this life to live it to the full. be respectful of life. it’s a sacred thing and we’re blessed to have it."
- benedict cumberbatch

 london skyline, 31 december 2017.

london skyline, 31 december 2017.

2017 has been one of my favourite years, albeit still one of the hardest. i cannot even recall all the places i’ve been to, all the places i have yet to go. all the people who have loved me or held space for me along the way. it’s been such a privilege to have seen a little more of the world. 

but even more than that, 2017 reminded me that i have so many people in my corner, especially during the times when it doesn’t feel that way. but most importantly,, it reminded me that life is so very precious. and too short. too short to let the unimportant things matter. too short to keep focusing on building a life and not truly living it. 

there have been two things leading my manifestation list in 2017. in june, i truly fell in love with yoga as a life changing form of moving meditation, and started writing ‘create space in my life for a 200hr YTT intensive’. and since forever, i’ve always felt happiest breathing in new air.  so i created room for myself for a ten week trip around the world, including a month-long stay in sydney doing my 200-hour yoga teacher training. i am terrified and excited all at once, but also so incredibly proud of myself for loving myself enough to give me the time, the space and the freedom. 

this year i visited a record number of cities within 365 days (for me, that is): singapore (thrice), melbourne (thrice), sydney, california, seattle, new york city, byron bay and london. this year i took the plunge and got laser eye surgery - being able to see out of my own eyes is still the greatest gift i've given myself thus far. 

this year has been a big one. a good one, full of big hearted emotions and strong decisions. i am so terribly proud of myself of living bravely, of cutting ties with old habits and thought patterns, and of trying to live a bigger, bolder and more colourful life. 

and this is my prayer - always has been my prayer - to live strongly and loudly, to live a value-aligned life, to see the world, and to love the universe in all the ways i know how, until i am called home.


my intentions.
take surfing lessons. continue if i like it. 
achieve a deep squat. 
successfully complete my 200hr YTT
not to buy clothes *
feed my body wholesome, nourishing foods. and to love it daily.
continue to practise what it is to be totally, completely myself.

*unless absolutely necessary (e.g. a beanie if i'm visiting the arctic.). i may allow myself to bend this rule during travel, but it is a soft challenge i would like to undertake to see how long i can go without buying any fashion.

things i am manifesting.
the space and money in my life for a vedic/transcendental meditation course. 
spend a week in japan. 
visit the blue mountains, nsw. 
return to byron bay, nsw. i cannot put into words how gorgeous and magical byron bay was for me in that space of time. 
a church that aligns with my beliefs about what a church should be. {a place of worship, not a place of politics and ego manifesting as leadership.}